Adoption Controversy Spurs Lingering Questions

The tug of war be over, but the ebb and flow of emotion is anything but resolved.

"I think she's going to be confused first of all cause she's been back and forth," said Len Wade, navigating the sometimes turbulent waters of adoption himself. Two years ago we began interviewing him as he started the journey to find his birth parents.

"There's a void there, you know, I know there's somebody out there that they brought me into this world," he said.

His lack of his information, countered by Baby Veronica's information overload.

"She's going to go through where's my Daddy? Even though she's going to be in the household with her adoptive parents. They are her Mom and Dad, but at the same time she's going to be wondering when can she see her biological father, and I guarantee you she's still going to call him Daddy, and that's going to create another issue for the adoptive Dad," he said.

In his own case, he was adopted at just a week old.

"They were the best parents you could ever have," he said.

They've both since passed, and now his curiosity has him searching. Traveling a different road from Veronica's, but sympathizing with a future of questions she'll surely encounter.

"It's a rough deal, I don't know how I would handle that myself," he said.