Local Experts Provide Advice for Consumers Checking Stocks, 401-Ks

When stocks go up and down, the first thing you wonder is if you should change your investment plans. Right now the market is than ever, according to experts. But should you do any stock shuffling or selling?

The stock market is always going to go up and down. Experts say now is the time to ask yourself if you can you handle it.

With stocks at an all time high, investors are feeling. Happy about it. That comes after years of heart breaks and cuts to the core of retirement plans.

But the stock market has it's highs and lows. And experts say consumers must be secure with their investments.

Now that the numbers are good, this could be the time to move money to a more stable account.

"You don't' want to make a pessimistic action when things look bad. If anything, you want to take advantage of pessimism. And you don't want to follow the crowd into euphoria when things look very good," advises Fred Russell of Frederic Russell Investment Management.

Russell says now is the time to be cautious about buying more stock or selling. He also says that most consumers cringe with the volatility of the stock market.

"For someone like me, I could have 90-percent of my money in common stock because this is what I've been doing all my life is managing. But for a lot of people that percentage does not let them sleep at night," he said.

Experts say now is the time to think for yourself. Will you stabilize or take your stocks to the next level.