After Student Commits Suicide, Coweta Schools Look to Stillwater

Triston Stephens

Coweta Public Schools are turning to another nearby district after a suicide-related shooting left a teenager dead earlier this week.

On Monday, Coweta Intermediate High School was placed on lock down after news broke that a student had brought a gun to the school.

Later in the day school officials held a press conference where they confirmed that 15-year-old Triston Stephens shot himself inside the bathroom.

Now administrators have reached out to Stillwater Public Schools who faced a similar incident back in September.

Student Shoots, Kills Himself at Stillwater Junior High

"You think everyone is fine, but three months later someone is crying," Stillwater Superintendent Ann Caine said.

Caine told that after Monday's incident her office has been in contact with Coweta officials looking for suggestions on how to better deal with the situation on a student and faculty level.

She also said that both schools will continue discussions as needed. Caine said Stillwater Public Schools have adopted new policies to better serve their children and adults.

"The big part is overall wellness and working on relationships," she said.

Caine said that a new program called "Lifeline Curriculum" was adopted to help faculty work on prevention, intervention and "post-vention of suicides and tragic incidents"

Caine said that once the program is adopted throughout all the schools, every student in the district will have a positive relationship with at least one adult to help develop trust and self advocacy.

The new program is expected to be in place a year from now once everyone receives training. As far as security goes, Caine said the schools have done as much as possible with the budget they have.

Changes include:

-Visitors need to show their driver's license upon arrival

-Visitors also are required to state the purpose of their visit to the school

-Exterior doors are locked as much as possible

-Full-time police at the secondary schools

-Continued coordination with Stillwater Police Department