Aiming for a Different Seat in Congress

He's the first to throw his hat in the ring.

"Today I am formally announcing my intention to seek the republican nomination for the united states senate," said Congressman James Lankford, half way through his second term in the House of Representatives.

"Congressman Lankford has found his way in Washington and is well respected, not only in the house but in the Senate as well," said Jerry Buchanan, Vice Chair of the Oklahoma Republican party, 1st District.

Why shoot for a change of title? In a word, power.

"When you work in the House of Representatives we have a very limited amount of staff, so we see the problems, we go after the problems, but being actually bale to form the solutions and execute those solutions really takes a greater amount of firepower that you have in the Senate," said Lankford.

And speaking of firepower, his campaign, although barely out of the gates, is already taking shots from some saying he's not conservative enough.

"When campaigns the very first day go negative, I find that to be incredibly sad," said Lankford.

"I feel that congressman Lankford is very conservative," said Buchanan.

With just five months till the primary, the party will need to be all hands on deck.

"Today is my 23rd birthday," said Jonathan Hall, Creek county Republican party chair, amped up for action.

"As someone who's younger and excited about the future of Oklahoma, I think that the Republican party's going to end up with a great candidate," he said.

As to how much it could end up costing that candidate in this type of race?

"Senate race in this time could run anywhere from a million to five, six million dollars," said Buchanan.