Aiming For a Family

11 year old Nicholas, or nick as he wants to be called, is very bright and also very curious. Both traits served him well at JP's archery in downtown Sapulpa, off North Water. Thanks to David Nance's instruction and patience, Nick learned quickly.

"Hey, OK. See those two arrows? Yeah. That's a group, that's good," says David.

Not a new found hobby yet, Nick would have kept shooting for hours.

"The hardest part I would have to say is holding you fingers so long. It pulls on your fingers so it hurts them."

Working alone with David was right down Nick's alley. He works better in one on one situations or where he's the youngest child.

"I enjoy that whenever my brother gets a new game, he'll help me with the controls and stuff. Which most brothers won't do that."

Autistic, Nick was just recently placed in a full time school and has made a very smooth transition.

"I'm liking it. What about it? First hour."

First hour is language and reading stories, but he's very good with numbers and loves math.

Nick's real love is star wars movies and playing and building with his legos.

"I enjoy that you get to build with them."

Nick is loving and kind and will need a family that can provide that love and be an advocate for his special needs.If you think you can offer Nick the forever home he deserves, call 800-376-9729.