Alert Driver Spots, Reports South Tulsa Fire

A good Samaritan spots a house fire and helps alert the folks who live there.

The blaze broke out early Wednesday morning near 61st and Sheridan.

Tulsa fire captain Julie Lynn said a driver on 61st street saw the smoke and called 911.

From there they made sure the people in the burning condo were aware of the danger.

One of the families woke up to see flames devouring a back balcony.

Cpt. Lynn said the fire was difficult for the crews on scene.

"It was hard to contain. When we arrived on scene, it appears to be a two-story building. But once we got inside, it is a four story building, so there's a lot of voids in the area," she said.

The building is a condo that's been split into two units.

No one was seriously hurt. A woman was taken to the hospital for treatment from breathing in too much smoke. She should recover

The flames heavily damaged both units, and both families had to find a place to stay for the night.

There's no word yet on the fire's cause.