Alert Officer Foils Burglary Of Tulsa Home

An alert police officer stops what appears to be a burglary in progress early Wednesday morning.

The Tulsa officer was in the area near 2100 N Quincy when he heard the sound of glass breaking.

As he came in for a closer look, he noticed the storm door was smashed and watched someone throw a bag of belongings out a separate broken window.

Backup officers arrived and surrounded the home. That's when officers found a female suspect inside.

Police said 27-year-old Shanise Harris told officers she came to the home to do some investigating of her own. She said she saw three men try to steal an window air conditioning unit.

Investigators said that alibi didn't check out because they found the window unit in question, still securely in its spot. Officers also notice cuts and injuries to her hands.

Officers arrested Harris and took her to the Tulsa County jail on a burglary complaint.