Alexis and Daniel

Jack Rogers and other members of the Tulsa Glue Dobbers had our Waiting Children flying high on a recent sunny afternoon. Alexis and Daniel got their first lesson on radio controlled aircraft and they loved it! Alexis is 13 years old and finished up the seventh grade this year with good grades. She's in choir at school, used to be in cheerleading and wants to be a teacher or a lawyer. But, she does take time out to be a kid and hang with her friends. "We get along really good," she says. "I made a lot of new friends this year.{} We talk on the phone, paint each other's nails." Daniel is 11 years old and will be in the fifth grade this year. He's in regular classes, but does get extra help in a couple of areas. Consistency is important for Daniel and both kids are very fun and affectionate. Daniel likes animals. So, what's his favorite?

"A possum," he says. "I like the colors of their skin, fur, and I like their babies cause they're cute."

DHS is anxious to find one adoptive home for these terrific kids. And, these deserving children need a mom and dad to help and love them everyday.DHS Child Welfare would love to tell you more about Alexis and Daniel and the adoption program. Call 581-2195 for more information.