Allegations at Victory Christian Center Inspire Sexual Misconduct Seminar for Churches

Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry will hold a sexual misconduct seminar Tuesday morning for churches, in the wake of child sex abuse allegations at Victory Christian Center.

TMM's Ray Hickman met with Channel 8 Saturday to explain the reason behind the event.

"What happened at Victory Christian is a tragedy. It can happen to any congregation," said Hickman.

The district attorney, law enforcement, and the Department of Human Services will take part in the event to explain protocol to faith leaders.

"The question is, who does the investigation? Is it the congregation? Is it the pastor, or is it the police department or the Department of Human Services? And so our seminar will help pastors ad church leaders have a better sense of what to do if a report is made," said Hickman.

Victory Christian Center said in a statement to Channel 8 that it supports churches taking these preventative steps. It said, "Victory Christian Center has been revising its policies related to child abuse and giving updated internal training, so we are very happy to see other churches doing the same."

All of this comes as the mother of an alleged rape victim is pursuing a lawsuit against Victory Christian Center. The lawsuit alleges the church waited too long to report the assault and attempted to make her daughter feel somehow to blame.

Former Victory Christian Center employee, Chris Denman, 20, plead guilty about two weeks ago to six charges against him involving underage girls, including rape and lewd molestation. He is due back in court December 12th.

Former Victory Christian Center, Israel Castillo, has plead not guilty to charges of making a lewd proposal to a minor and using a computer to facilitate a sex crime.

Also, five Victory Christian Center employees charged with failing to report child abuse have plead not guilty. Pastor Daugherty's son, John, and his wife, Charica, have filed a motion to dismiss the charges.

The seminar is at South Brooke Church of Christ on 38th and Peoria on Tuesday, Nov. 13 from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. It targets faith leaders and church staff. There is a fee for non-TMM members. You may register here.