Alleged Drug Bust Made in Wagoner County after 911 Misdial

Two Coweta individuals were arrested on drug complaints when police allegedly found drug paraphernalia in their residence after a 911 misdial.

The incident occurred a little after midnight on Thursday. Wagoner County Sheriff's Office deputies responded to the 26800 block of E. 161st St. South on an alleged 911 misdial call, but when they contacted the residents and entered the home, they reportedly found two reaction vessels, one HCL generator, marijuana and drug paraphernalia in plain sight.

The WCSO released a statement saying they routinely respond to 911 misdials and hang-ups to ensure safety and caution.

Deputies secured a search warrant and the two individuals inside were arrested on numerous drug complaints. The male arrested was identified as Roger Tuttle, 59 and the female was Aaron Haggard, 35.

Both are being on $15,000 bond in Wagoner Co. Jail.