Alleged Hair Product Burglars Booked by Tulsa Police

Left to right: Terry Drury, Deena Patrick

Two suspects are in custody following a string of hair product burglaries that began in May.

Tulsa police arrested Deena Patrick, 41, and Terry Drury, 46 in connection to six incidents in which products were burglarized from hair salons such as Supercuts and Cherry Street Salon.

The arrests were made Thursday when a police officer reported seeing the driver of a vehicle, Drury, not wearing a seat belt. The arresting officer received consent to search the vehicle and located bags full of hair salon products and equipment.

The officer contacted burglary detectives since he knew several salons in the area had been burglarized. Detectives confirmed the items were stolen and then the suspects were booked.

The six burglaries began May 25 at Supercuts located at 7721 East 91st Street, police say. The most recent hair product burglary occurred on Tuesday at State Beauty Supply. Other businesses affected were Ethan Moore Salons and Capps Beauty Supply.

In five of the six burglaries, one of the suspects shattered the front door before stealing numerous hair products inside.

Both suspects were arrested on six counts of stolen property.

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