Alumni Basketball Game Benefits Junior League

A loss for a youth football program has suddenly turned into a gain for the Okmulgee community.

Alumni came out to give back to a junior league that has had an impact for over 25 years.

"Anytime someone who came from here wants to come back, you have to love that, you have to applaud them because that's what it's going to take, says Okmulgee District's Athletics Director, Kevin Gordon.

After Okmulgee's Junior Football league (OJF) had equipment stolen in May, many businesses and organizations are pitching in to help.

Including hundreds of former players from across the nation.

One of the coordinators, Tony Rice says, "We came together to put on an alumni game with some of the best players that played for Okmulgee. A large amount of the money is going to be donated to the Okmulgee Junior Football League."

Rice says It was a great way for everyone to come out, have fun, but most importantly, give back.

"We are trying our hardest to raise a lot of money for them. We said we were going to give them money off of the food, but we are trying to give them more than that. We want to give them jerseys and everything," says Rice.

Former students flooded the gym for one purpose-to support their community.

It appears Okmulgee is rising with a focus on their youth. A stride in the direction administrators had already begun.

Gordon says, "If you look around town, you will see the signs 'Bulldog Rising'...great things are happening in Okmulgee Public Schools and in Okmulgee."

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