Alumni Basketball Game to Benefit Junior Leagues

Okmulgee High School Alumni have coordinated the first Alumni Basketball Game, Saturday afternoon, during Okmulgee's Rodeo Weekend.

"There used to be a basketball tournament every year in Okmulgee during the rodeo since the early 90's, but ended due to a large fight that I was apart of in 2006 and there hasn't been one since," says Tony Rice. "So we got together and came up with many different ideas and we went with the alumni game."

"I did this event to help piece a broken community," says Aaron Stallings. "Every player in this alumni game was a leader in their time, whether it was a classmate or as a kid growing up. So why not relive the old Bulldog way and come together for one game for the kids."

The young men who decided to bring this event to Okmulgee have hopes of putting a portion of the proceeds of the event back into their community, the Junior leagues: Okmulgee Junior Football Association and Mugtown Ballers (Okmulgee's AAU Basketball League).

"OJFA got all their equipment stolen and with the season being so close Albert Tucker thought it would be a good idea to donate to them, along with others, throughout the community. I support Okmulgee athletics 100 percent," says Rice. "I have love for the Coaches, Brick and Collis. They coached me as a kid and we just want to make it easier for them to overcome the disappointing situation they're in."

The event will take place at Okmulgee's Brock Gymnasium at 415 West 3rd Street. They have also planned a kids' mini splash festival that starts at 10:00 a.m.

Rice says, "I anticipate a successful turn out for the kids and adults. I also want to show people that together as a team, (the community), we can go a long way and the Bulldog pride will never die out, neither will the Okmulgee Rodeo."

The cost is $5.00 for admission and tip-off is at 12:10 p.m.

Stallings asks for the support and says, "We are trying to set an example for our future."

If you would like to purchase special seating or need any other information, please contact: Wallace Taylor, Jaray Lee, Aaron Stallings, Cory Wilson or Tony Rice.

It is sponsored by Frais Clothing Group and Black Wall Street DJs.