Amateur Anglers Compete On Lake Hudson During Bassmaster Weekend

Part of the Bassmaster Classic is the College Classic. Teams from OSU, OU and the University of Arkansas hit the lake Sunday morning to catch their own bass.

Channel 8's Kimberly Hulsey talked with some of the teams to see why this experience is good for them.

The amateur anglers say it's a great opportunity for them to get sponsors and real experience.

Each college has three two-person teams. The goal is for each team to come up with five bass each. In the College Classic, everyone from the school counts toward the weigh-in. Each team wants to win, but learning from the professionals is the biggest prize.

Jared Berkshire is a sophomore at the University of Arkansas. "Not many college level anglers get to actually come and meet all the guys and travel and go on stage at Bassmaster. That's going to be awesome," Berkshire says.

Most of the teams have been training for this event for years. But how they each got started is a little bit different.

"My dad used to fish a lot and used to tournament fish and travel and stuff like that," Berkshire says. "I was little bitty and would ride with him for pre-fish and kind of fell in love with it and have been fishing ever since," Berkshire says.

Kyle Lowdermilk is also a sophomore at Arkansas and is Berkshire's teammate. "I used to watch fishing on TV and that's how I got started, watching Jimmy Houston, Scott Martin challenge people like that," Lowdermilk says it's people like that he would look up to. "I would go out in my ponds back home and just chuck and throw."

These college anglers headed out on the water at 6:30 a.m. and came back at 1:30 in the afternoon. And Sunday's warmer temperatures may not have been helpful.

"Good weather is nice but sometimes it turns the fish off for us," Lowdermilk says. "Today the bite ended soon, so it kind of put a damper on things. It's nice that it's not 19 degrees outside like it was in practice," Lowdermilk says.

They had practice days, but Sunday's catch was the only thing to count.

The teams are excited to take the stage and weigh in their fish.

"Thousands of people there getting to weigh in on stage - it's always a big dream to walk across the stage with some big fish," Lowdermilk says.

Berkshire and Lowdermilk had the biggest bag with 15 lbs. 6 oz.

They came in second overall.