Amateur Racers Close Out AMSOil Arenacross Weekend

Hundreds of motocross competitors from around the country made their way to the B.O.K. Center in Tulsa for this weekend's AMSOil Arenacross event. And those were just the amateur riders.

The morning after the professional racing circuit was finished, the track was modified by shortening the hills by a couple feet and making the turns a little wider. Then it was time for the amateurs in several age groups ranging from 4 years to over 30.

8-year-old Jackson Brassfield of Broken Arrow is a veteran now. Brassfield says he's been racing motocross since he was 3.

"It's lots of fun," said Jackson. "It's really fast and I just want to go wild."

And amateur girls had their own divisions as well; one of which included Broken Arrow's Kelsey Bottomley. Even though Kelsey's father Bruce Bottomley says, "Mom prefers that we play soccer."

Bruce has been helping his 13-year-old daughter Kelsey compete in these motocross events for two years now. And like any good dad, Bruce was there to warm up the engine, make sure the bike runs okay, and provide additional moral support.

"I have several daughters and I always tell them you can do anything the boys can do," Bruce explained. "So I had to put my foot where my mouth is when she asked to do this."

So why does Kelsey like competing in motocross? "It's exciting. It's fun to just ride around and compete," she said. While Kelsey's main event Sunday didn't go as well as she hoped, her father wouldn't trade the quality time with Kelsey for anything.

"it's just a real good time with your kid and I get to spend a lot of time with Kelsey and that's what it's all about for me."