Amber Alert Ends Successfully

Before he was led through the parking lot in handcuffs, before the 2 year-old was once again held tightly by mom, there were hours of uncertainty.

"We just want her home safe," said her aunt.

Just after 1pm at Hearts of Angels child care a man came barging in.

"The worker thought he was high or drunk, that he smelled," said Sgt. John Adams of the Tulsa police department.

A man that would be identified as Shannon Dean.

"And there is a valid protective order against him with the child," he said.

Dean's daughter, 2 year-old Unique, who police say was snatched out of the arms of a day care worker trying to keep her safe.

"And the worker said you can't leave with her, you can't leave with her, and he left with her.

A situation that hit home as other parents arrived to pick up their kids.

"Just be on the watch of who's around my surroundings," said Stephanie Moore, worried a similar thing could happen to her.

"Cause that's in the situation I'm in, her Dad's incarcerated, but when he get out he might try to come get her from day care, he's not supposed to get her period, at all," she said.

The Amber Alert was in effect for slightly over two hours, when right before 5 o'clock...

"We just got a call that they found her," said her aunt.

Tulsa police pulled them over in a car about 12 miles away on North Hartford Avenue. Unique was unharmed.

"We will charge him with child stealing, violation of protective order," said Sgt. Adams.

Mom silently clutched her daughter, flanked by thankful family.

"Thank God, thank God," said her aunt.