American Airline Tour Shows Where Vision 2 Funds Would Go

It was a tour to help bring the benefits of Vision2 into focus.

"These hangars were built back in the 40's," said American Airlines manager Mark Easton.

Today's aircraft are taller, so tall,{}five hangars need to have their roofs raised in order to be more productive.

"The modification of that hangar is necessary in order to fit that airplane into the actual hangar itself," he said.

Cost is roughly $2 million per hangar. For $30 million dollars, the airport could build a new test cell, where they run jet engines through their paces. The current one they have is only good for engines with an output of up to 70,000 pounds of thrust.

"The Gen-x engine, it's gonna be on our 787 aircraft, will run at about 85,000 thrust so it won't fit in this cell," said American Airline manager Wayne Thomas.

As for your past tax dollars at work? Vision 2025 bought this high speed grinder for $7 million.

"The blades get ground to an exact dimension that fit the outer case, and that has allowed us to improve the efficiency of our engine by 5% to 10%," he said.

Meanwhile, next door at the Tulsa Bus Plant...

"We have lots of needs in our roof and our electrical infrastructure," said manager Eric Saleh.

They're looking for roughly $25 million for repairs and expansion purposes.

"Lots of talk about adding additional jobs and bringing more manufacturing into this facility," he said.

Back at American though, there was not a lot of talk about bankruptcy or layoffs.

"What's the mood with the layoffs? The layoffs that have been, the layoffs that are coming?" asked News Channel 8.{}"I can' get into that one," said Thomas.