American Airlines Merger Rumblings: No Comment from Airlines

An American Airline worker tells Channel 8 the prospect of a merger makes him feel "optimistic."

Both American Airlines and US Airways are keeping tight-lipped Thursday about rumblings of a possible merger. Channel 8's affiliate station in Dallas reported it could happen sometime next week.

Channel 8 spoke with the Transport Workers Union Thursday. A representative for TWU 514 said the prospect of the merger raises hope, as the union has not seen many changes since American declared bankruptcy in 2011.

An American Airlines worker told Channel 8 he and his colleagues are feeling optimistic.

A person "familiar with the situation" said no decision has been made and the situation between the airlines is still very "fluid."

However, the Tulsa Chamber is hoping a merger will benefit Tulsa workers.

"To the best of our knowledge, US Airways does outsource their maintenance," said VP of Economic Development for the Tulsa Chamber, Jim Fram. "American, obviously, does theirs right here in Tulsa. We have tried to achieve the best possible outcome for Tulsa and for Northeast Oklahoma and we would hope that an airline that emerged from an acquisition or a merger would be an airline that would want to take advantage of the highly qualified workforce."

US Airways told Channel 8 it outsources some of its maintenance but much of it is done in America.

If a merger is approved, the CEO of US Airways will likely take over the leadership role.