American Airlines Moving 130 Tulsa Jobs

American Airlines announced today that 130 Tulsa accounting jobs will be moved to Phoenix or Dallas.

The company employs about 5700 people in Tulsa. The move only affects the 130 accounting positions.

The company released the following statement:

"Though we intend to consolidate our accounting functions in Phoenix and Dallas/Fort Worth, this does not change our commitment to Tulsa or our position as one of the area's largest private employer. We will continue to maintain a significant presence in Tulsa, including employees at our maintenance base and the airport."

Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett says despite the move Tulsa will continue to play an important role for the airline.

"As American Airlines and US Airways work through a merger to keep maintenance jobs in Tulsa, administrative functions, which were once performed in Tulsa, will be consolidated within the company," Bartlett said in a statement. " American Airlines continues to be a strong partner in the community and we are proud to continue to support and nurture the aerospace industry in Tulsa."

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