American Airlines: Tulsa To Lose 2,800 Jobs, Not 2,100

Tulsa's Channel 8 has learned that the layoffs looming for Tulsa's American Airlines maintenance base will be worse than the airline's parent company initially estimated. On a conference call Monday morning, it was learned that instead of 21-hundred jobs being targeted in Tulsa, the number is instead 28-hundred. Tulsa currently has more than 66-hundred jobs at the maintenance base located near Tulsa International Airport. American Airlines' parent company, AMR Corp., filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in late November. On February first, the company announced it would be cutting 13-thousand jobs nationwide. Of those, the company said 21-hundred would be lost in Tulsa. Oklahoma's congressional delegation said they had heard the number was closer to 2,850. The latter would be about 45 percent of Tulsa's maintenance workforce. Channel 8's Latoya Silmon is covering the story and will have a full report today at 5 and 6.