American Heart Association Raising Awareness for Heart Disease

The American Heart Association is advising people to become more aware of heart disease as it is the number one killer of Americans.

Today was national "Wear Red" day, geared towards raising awareness of heart disease for women.

"Wear Red" day is part of the "Go Red" campaign for women, a year-long campaign for spreading the dangers of heart disease, primarily for women.

Women are less aware of the risks of heart disease than men for several reasons, communications director of the American Heart Association Lindsey Hansen said.

One reason for the lack of awareness in women is because they are less understanding and aware of the symptoms, possibly because of the way the disease is portrayed on television and in movies, Hansen said.

Another possible reason is that women are too busy taking care of others to have time to get their heart checked upon regularly.

Hansen recommended lifestyle changes to help lower the risk of heart disease such as quitting smoking, getting active, losing weight and improving your diet.

"Losing 10 pounds can reduce the risk of heart disease by 30-40%," Hansen said.

So spread the word folks, get regular checkups and live a healthy lifestyle.

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