American To Cut 2,850 Jobs At Tulsa Maintenance Base

Oklahoma's congressional delegation is reacting to news that American Airlines is cutting 13-thousand employees, including an estimated 2,850 in Tulsa. The cuts come as the airline's parent company, AMR, continues to work through bankruptcy proceedings. The nation's third largest airline announced Wednesday afternoon it would seek to cut 13-thousand jobs company-wide, including shutting down its maintenance base in Fort Worth. This afternoon, we also learned American plans to cut more than 21-hundred of the more than six-thousand jobs at Tulsa's maintenance base. Oklahoma's congressional delegation sent out a news release saying the number they had was 2,850.The news was met with sadness by Oklahoma's congressional delegation. "All along we hoped it wouldn't come to this," said Senator Jim Inhofe. "But since the November bankruptcy filing and American Airline's financial situation became known, it was obvious that such a large restructuring would be difficult on the workforce. It is very disappointing, but looking at the numbers we know that for American Airlines to remain competitive with the rest of the industry it is going to have to make some painful choices." "While today's announcement was not unexpected, I am still disappointed at the prospect of hard working Tulsan's potentially losing their jobs, especially in this tough economy," added U.S. Representative John Sullivan. "As I have said before, bankruptcy proceedings are never easy, but our community will get through this and come out stronger than before. Every community in the American Airlines system is going to suffer to some degree as the bankruptcy proceedings play out - the silver lining for Tulsa is that our maintenance base facility will remain open for business and we will continue to rally around these workers. "While unfortunate circumstances have caused American Airlines to make employment cuts at this time, it is welcome news that the Tulsa maintenance facility will remain open," said Representative Dan Boren. "Moving forward, the focus must be on minimizing further job losses and working with American to ensure they maintain a presence in our community."