Americans May Be Off The Clock, But Still On The Job

Can't put down your iPhone or Blackberry ... even though you're off the clock? You're not alone. Americans put in a month and a half of overtime a year by answering calls and e-mails after hours. That's OT, with no pay.

It's no wonder ... between smart phones, iPads, and tablet computers, it's easy to stay connected. Some people keep working to stay organized. Others say they don't have a choice because their customers demand quick responses. And some workers are just addicted. They can't turn their devices off. They check them when they're out with family and at the dinner table. But families are getting used to this growing trend. Many people say their significant others aren't upset with them when they work while they're off the clock.

The recession could be a factor. Over the past few years, companies slashed jobs ... and now, they're squeezing more out of the remaining workers. On the other hand, the group 'Good Technology' has a different take. It says staying connected enhances work-life balance because people can get things done wherever they are ... so they can leave work early and answer e-mail's while watching their child play baseball.

(source: CNN)