Andrew PlaysGames and Goes Bowling

Andrew is a young man that feels comfortable in just about any situation. We learned that thanks to an afternoon of fun at Sheridan lanes shooting aliens in the video room nd knocking down pins in the lanes.

Andrew is 13 and in the seventh grade, and like other boys his age, love sports especially the Thunder and Kevin Durant. Just don't ask him about a particular player on the Miami Heat.

"I do not like Lebron James, I don't."

Andrew is just as comfortable in front of a large crowd as he is a single camera. He was the emcee at a Christmas party.

"I had a nervous expression and I was sitting there and looking at other people. I got up there and it's nothing, just people. Just people looking at you and you don't have to be scared."

Andrew's not bothered when thinking about the future and a possible forever family. He knows what he wants.

"I'd like to live with a person that's happy for me and be there for me. Knows what I'm talking about ."

Andrew says it's easy to laugh as long as he keeps looking forward.

"When I don't think about the past it makes me happy. When I do it makes me depressed."

If you think you can offer Andrew the forever home he deserves, call 800-376-9729.