Angry Counter-protest Meets Westboro Church Members in Moore

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church, known for controversial protests of military funerals where they hold signs denouncing what they see as the moral degradation of the United States, received a vehement show of disapproval from a large group in Moore on Sunday.

During a planned mid-afternoon protest at Central Junior High, for which members of the church had been issued a city permit for 30 minutes, the two sides were divided by only a street and police officers. Police had to restrain angry counter-protestors from approaching Westboro members.

Church members say that God punished Moore last year when a tornado ravaged the town.

Video of the event showed church members hurrying to get into their vehicles to leave the area.

Frequently in the news, the church recently received media attention when Fred Phelps, their leader and church founder, died in March.

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