Anheuser-Busch Five Point Products to Be Sold in Oklahoma Liquor Stores

They've been gone for more than 30 years, but Anheuser-Busch is bringing back some of its five percent alcohol volume products back to Oklahoma.

Local liquor stores such as Parkhill Warehouse Liquors and Wine have been in Tulsa since 1963 and think these products will increase their traffic and are ready to make room on their shelves for the products.

"It will be huge people been looking for it especially the bud light lime a rita's I get people asking for them four or five times a day cause they see the commercials on TV and we have to tell them it's not in the state yet," Parkhill Wine Manager Dave Williams said.

They'll hit liquor store shelves on November first.

Williams said with these products coming to liquor stores it makes it a level playing field where customers can get what they want in all one spot.

There hasn't been a law against Anheuser-Busch having their five point products in Oklahoma and the ABLE commission can't really speculate on why they haven't been in liquor stores.

"From our end nothing has really changed. The law is still the same. We are going to still be over-seeing liquor stores and has to be through a wholesalers," ABLE Commission Agent Pedro Zardeneta said.

There are already dozens of brands of higher alcohol volume beer sold in Oklahoma. Zardeneta said the ABLE commission likes the economic growth this will bring.

"I think anytime you have more selection that creates competition, which spurs more growth, which spurs more sales, which spurs more tax base, so we are happy for that," Zardeneta said.

The same laws will apply where the beer is served at room temperature and goes through a wholesalers. Only Anheuser-Busch products with a 3.2 percent alcohol volume have been sold in Oklahoma since 1977.