Annexation Payback In Creek County


A contentious battle in Creek county has taken a surprising twist as residents fight back against an unwanted annexation attempt by the city of Bristow.

Three months ago the city council approved a 93 mile long annexation fence line that many area residents opposed, residents who have now turned the tide.

The scenery is gorgeous. A country atmosphere where harmony grows like a crop. But lately the 1,300 acres of Tom Gaskins property have been filled with tension."Made me angry, really made me mad," he said.

And he's not alone.

"It just pissed me off," said Colleen Lynch.

Scores of Creek county property owners miffed at the city of Bristow over a massive annexation.

"They took in an area that is larger that the city of Tulsa," said Randy Wood.


"They were looking for a source of income," said Tom Gaskins.

Residents say the plan was to sell water from under their land for roughly $3.2 million a year.

"I'm not gonna let this stand, so that's when I formed Citizens Against Annexation," said Clayton McKinzie.

The group carefully reviewed the annexation fence-line and lo and behold...

"The whole fence it's just like a regular fence, even this imaginary fence line has to be contiguous. Somebody left a gate open. They missed it," said Wood."They didn't describe the property correctly. So it moved the line one mile further west, and it left a gap in the fence line that's a half mile," said Gaskins.

That gap allowed the town of Slick to do a little of what you might call payback annexation.

"So we actually, the city of Slick, annexed on the inside of their line, all the way in and around the city of Bristow," said Gaskins."So they went from 308 square miles to 6," said McKinzie."If they cry foul, we did just what they did," said Wood."I'm sure that they're gong to be appalled. Like we were when they did it to us," said Gaskins.

News Channel 8 was unable to reach any Bristow officials for comment, but if they're paying attention, the Citizens Against Annexation are sending out a song.

"I'd like to dedicate a song to the city of Bristow, Toby Keith, How do you like me now?" smiled Wood.