Animated Light Display At Local Home to Raise Money for Charity

You can drive through any neighborhood this time of year and see homes decorated with Christmas lights. There is one local family at 106th and Sheridan that has made their light display for a good cause. The Wright family has a twenty minute show that has more than twenty thousand lights animated to five songs. They want anyone and everyone to come see their display and if you like it they want you to donate to A New Leaf in Broken Arrow.

"It's an organization, that helps and employees developmentally disabled adults and there are about twenty thousand of them throughout the city of Tulsa and only about a thousand of them are working or volunteering in the community," says Doug Wright, put his lights up for charity.

With a donation, Wright says it will help more and more developmentally disabled adults find a place to work or volunteer. He says there are plenty of jobs out there for developmentally disabled adults but it's hard to find those jobs when you don't have a program like A New Leaf to help.

"it takes a lot of that burden away from the parents or the care givers and they handle all that they make sure they are given a good environment. They team them up with the right company or organization that they can thrive and succeed," says Wright.

This is the second year for the family to put the display up but the first year to ask for donations. Wright says after seeing so many people come by the house he knows this will be a good way for people in the local community to learn about the organization.

All the lights were put up by Tom's Electric. Harrison, owner of Tom's Electric, says it took more than 100 man hours to get this display up and it has dozens of channels of lights.