Annual Claremore Dog Expo Brings Together Plenty of Four-Legged Friends

Dogs of all shapes, sizes and colors can be found wagging their tails at the annual Claremore Dog Expo taking place this weekend.

Now in its fourth year, the 2013 Dog Expo brings together dog owners from in and around Oklahoma with plenty of competition and fun activities for their four-legged friends. The event is hosted and benefits the Claremore Animal Shelter.

"Because we are the animal control group, we have a bad reputation of picking up your dog and putting it down," Claremore Animal Shelter's Jean Hurst said. "So we wanted to kind of put a good image of the animal shelter and animal control that we do good for the community and we want to help the community, too."

Hurst added that the event is family-friendly and hopes adults, children, and of course, their canine friends turn up for the Dog Expo. Activities this year range from an agility course to herding and once again Dock Dogs, Inc.

"Dock Dogs is a national competition and last year we have seven different states represented that traveled here to compete," Hurst said. "It's neat to see they come to our little community."

She added that the Dog Expo is great for anyone wanting to try some of the activities for the first time. She mentioned that the event gets bigger each year with people bringing out their dogs to try something new.

During the event's run, the Claremore Animal Shelter offers visitors the opportunity to adopt animals through various rescue organizations. Current owners can even bring their pets by to meet potential new ones to make sure they get along.

Proceeds from the Dog Expo go directly to the animal shelter to help offset the costs of medical needs and vaccinations and help fund future events.

More information about the Claremore Animal Shelter can be found by calling them at 918-341-1260.