Anti-Execution Lobby Day at State Capitol

Today at the State Capitol an Oklahoma Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty lobby day will be held as they look to temporarily prohibit the death penalty in Oklahoma. Citizens will be coming together to raise awareness about the cost, effectiveness and constitutionality of capital punishment.

The coalition has gathered steam after the recent botched execution of death row inmate Clayton Lockett, who suffered a heart attack after the lethal injection failed to work properly.

After the failed execution of Lockett, Gov. Mary Fallin called for an investigation into execution practices by a member of her cabinet. Death row inmate, who was scheduled to be executed on the same day as Lockett, received a 6-month stay of execution because of the failure.

State senator Connie Johnson, among others, is pushing for an independent State investigation into capital punishment and its procedures as well.

"We have introduced a resolution that will call for a moratorium on the death penalty in Oklahoma, until an independent thorough investigation can be conducted by an outside source," said Johnson.

"The legislative and executive branches' high level of disregard for people they intend to execute came full circle in the Governor's willingness to press for the execution to proceed in spite of the lack of transparency about the drugs used to kill Mr. Lockett."

On May 18, a "Halt Executions Rally" will be held at the Capitol's south steps at 2:30 p.m.