Anti-Smoking Bill Gets Smoked

Lawmakers struck down a controversial bill on smoking in public. Senate Bill 36 would have given cities the right to have tougher laws than the state. Restaurants have spent thousands of dollars, building smoke rooms.

The Corner Cafe in Tulsa was one of the first to do it and still maintains separate quarters for its smoking customers.

At Smoke on Cherry Street, the owner, Mitch Dees, invested a chunk of cash to build a system that flushed out smoke filled air, for fresh air every 18 seconds. He was concerned that any change, might effect his business.

"It would hurt. It is part of our identity, right? We are called Smoke and part of that is the ability to, if you want to, after your meal to go in and enjoy a cigar," he explained.

The bill would have taken effect in November.

But lawmakers said it would have hurt too many businesses, who had made the investment required by previous law.