Update: TFD Cites Heater As Cause of Midtown Apartment Fire

Tulsa Fire Department is now citing a heater as the cause of a midtown apartment complex fire Tuesday evening.

It happened at the Bradstone Apartments just before 9 o'clock Tuesday evening. The apartments are located in the 1300 block of S. Quaker Ave.

TFD's Stan May said after further investigation, a heater unit and not a water heater was to blame. Both were located in the same closet and it is still unknown whether there was an explosion or not.

A resident of one of the 12 units said that her hot water heater had started the fire, and that she went out and alerted her neighbors to the danger, telling them to get out of the apartment complex. Fire fighters have since shifted their investigation towards the actual furnace heater and not the water heater.

The three adults; two males in their 50s and a female, also in her 50s, were taken to the hospital along with three small children. Two of the children are listed in critical condition, while the third is in stable condition.

The owner of the complex told the Red Cross he would put up residents in a hotel for the night. Red Cross workers said they would meet with residents on Wednesday.

Two of the units were totally destroyed, while 6 sustained damage from either fire, smoke, or water.

Stay with Channel 8 and as Kim Jackson follows up with this developing story later today.