Apartment Fire Leaves 16 Families Homeless

An apartment fire leaves 16 people homeless Friday morning. The blaze started at the Cimarron Apartments near 31st and South 129th East Avenue around 9 p.m. Thursday night. Tulsa Fire Department says the fire was coming from the upper floor apartment. When they arrived, TFD says they saw flames coming from the roof. A neighbor told KTUL someone banged on their door while he and his wife were watching TV. Raymond Thomson lives next to the apartment that caught fire.Thomson said, "We opened the door and I looked around the corner of the balcony and saw the apartment next door burning. It was coming up from the ground and it was already past the roof by that time."The fire burned two apartments and left others with water and smoke damage. However, no one was injured fortunately. Red Cross was at the apartment helping the affected families. The fire captain expects some of the victims will be able to return home sometime on Friday.