Second Fire Strikes Tulsa Apartments

A second, separate fire broke out Monday afternoon at Whispering Oaks apartments in Tulsa after an early morning fire left many residents without homes.

The latter fire was said to be caused by a bathroom exhaust fan and one man was treated for smoke inhalation.

Investigators were sent to the apartment complex Monday morning after a fire broke out, leaving many without homes.

Crews with the Tulsa Fire Department were called out to the Whispering Oaks apartments around 6 a.m. This was after officers with the Tulsa Police Department Mingo Valley Division noticed smoke and flames coming from the building. Officers had just finished with a squad meeting.

"We were coming out of our building, reporting to our cars, getting ready to drive off the parking lot,and that's when it was noticed," said Corporal Mark Shelton with Tulsa Police.

Officials told KTUL that officers quickly arrived on scene and helped residents, including many children, evacuate the premises. They rescued an unconscious man. EMSA transported him to the hospital for smoke inhalation. Firefighters arrived and began their work to put out the blaze.

At this time it is not known how the fire started. But two units had fires burning and several others were damaged by smoke and water. The Tulsa Fire Department estimated that about 40 people are displaced due to the damage.

Apartment resident Samantha Sanders lost one of her dogs during the ordeal. She was unable to return to her unit Monday afternoon.

"The ceilings fell in, and it's got a lot of water in it from the apartment upstairs that caught on fire," Sanders said.

Red Cross arrived on scene to assist the more than 50 people that were originally displaced, waiting on word, after the fire this morning. Some will take up residence in empty apartments while others will be sent to temporary housing.

Investigators will now determine what caused the fire.