Apartments Where Four Bodies Were Found Could Get Overhaul

A representative for the Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency confirmed to Channel 8 that its board approved the start of a multi-million dollar overhaul at Fairmont Terrace Apartments. That is where police found four women murdered earlier this month.

The representative said a Joplin developer is preparing a $43 million overhaul for the complex near 61st and Peoria. He said the agency is involved in the overhaul because providing affordable housing is its mission.

With the recent events there, it is possible the developer, Midwest Development Partners LLC, will seek to improve safety standards. As of late Thursday afternoon, the developer had not yet returned Channel 8's phone calls.

The state said about $39 million of the projected budget would likely come from tax credits and tax-exempt multifamily bonds.

Channel 8 attempted to contact Fairmont Terrace and a current owner but did not hear back as of Thursday afternoon.

Residents at Fairmont Terrace gave mixed reactions to the news.

"I don't think that's a good idea. Everything is alright like it is," said resident Robert Mack.

"I think it's a great idea," said prospective renter Angela Overton. "I mean, it's sad that the tragedy happened here for there to be a difference, but I'm glad that something's being done."

Mayor Dewey Bartlett spoke earlier this week saying he wants to hold developers to a strict standard. He wants to make an example of the 61st and Peoria area.

Tulsa Police told Channel 8 that as of Thursday, there were no new developments in its quadruple homicide investigation.