Appreciating Life After The Tornado

It's easy to see the damage a tornado can do to the outside, like the truck that Bonnie Kluver took that day to her doctor's visit; battered and bruised and reflective of her on the inside."I just, I'm a nervous wreck, just like today I'm kind of antsy, I know there's no storms coming but the winds up," she said.

She had to be pulled out of the wreckage, and in the year since has been coping with the aftermath of that day.

"Yeah it was kind of hard, like I said had some PTSD going on, and I was scared to be by myself," she said.

Of course, she hasn't been by herself. Her partner of 12 years, Shawn, has stood faithfully by. Partner because they've never gotten married. Is it something they talk about now?

"We spend more time talking about the weather anymore," they laughed.

They also talk about that truck, which they salvaged and now sits stripped down in the yard.

"I knew the motor and tranny would still be pretty good in it," said Shawn.

And like that truck, they've each been able to find something good out of all that wreckage and pain.

"I appreciate things a little bit more than just letting them day by day go by," said Bonnie.

"Tell 'em I love you, you know, cause you may not get that chance again," said Shawn.