April Montano's Parents Want Justice For Their Daughter

Officers have arrested two men in the shooting death of 14-year-old April Montano. 21-year-old Demonte Rushing and 20-year-old David Ruble are both being held on complaints of first degree murder.

On Sunday we spoke with Montano's parents, who tell us they want justice for their precious little girl.

"I just remember when I would come home, she was always waiting for me to open the door. She would say she told me 'Hi Papi!' all the time," said Eduardo Mesa, Montano's father.

Happy, friendly and exceptional are just a few words Mesa uses to describe his 14-year-old daughter April.

"I am going to remember her for all my life. She was a nice daughter," Mesa said.

He said earlier this week he surprised April with a new ATV for graduating from Middle School. So, on Thursday the family took a short trip to Keystone Lake to go riding ATV's for a few hours. Once they got back into town, they went to the Little Caesar's near 1700 and North Peoria Avenue to grab some pizza.

Officers said that's where 21 -year old Rushing and 20-year-old Ruble spotted the family. According to arrests reports, both Rushing and Ruble wanted to carjack the truck and trailer so they started following the family.

"When I looked in my mirror, I saw 'pow pow' two times and you could see the flames come out from the gun. I said 'everybody down, everybody down they are trying to shoot at us,'" Mesa said.

The suspects were shooting at the family while on the Gilcrease Expressway. Mesa said he doesn't know whether April was listening to music or sleeping, but she was the only one out of eight who didn't get down.

"My boy said, "They hit April! They hit April!" So I stopped and when I looked behind me I saw a lot of blood. I stopped and got out of the truck and went over there and put my shirt on her head. She was still alive then," Mesa said.

The bullet took April's life and now her family is left trying to understand why this happened to them.

While investigators believe the motive was robbery, the family said they feel the suspects were out to kill someone.

"If they wanted the four wheelers, then why didn't they shoot in the air and tell me to stop. I would have given them the truck with the four wheelers, because it's a material thing you can buy again, but my daughter's life you can't buy," Mesa said.

The family told us Montano's funeral will be on Monday at the Rose Hill Funeral home in Tulsa. They want everyone to wear white, instead of black, since April was always a happy and lively 14-year-old girl.