Fairgoers Get A "Rub-Down" Inside The Aqua Massage

If you've ever had a massage, you know the benefits.

But if you don't want someone touching you, there's a new kind of massage that doesn't involve taking your clothes off!

It's called the Aqua Massage.

You can try it out paying by-the-minute at the Tulsa State Fair.

Makers say it's great for physical therapy.

You just climb into the tube, then pressurized water moves up and down your body.

It's kind of like a car wash, except you're covered with a plastic liner.

Jay Schuler is with Arkansas Aqua Massage. He'll be inside the QuikTrip Center all week.

"The special thing about these are. You can stay fully clothed. You do come out loose and relaxed. But you do get a little surge of energy that's going to last 3-4 hours."

Ali Quisenberry tried out the massager and says, "It hits like all the different pressure points like a masseuse would. But it has a different kind of effect like on the sides.

You can find the Aqua Massager at physical rehab centers and at some health clubs.