Are There Healthy Food Options at the Fair?

With corn dogs and funnel cakes around every corner, Channel 8 set out to learn if you can find healthy food options at the fair.

The Tulsa State Fair app provides a list of healthy options. For example, King's Chicken offers a chicken caesar wrap. Pita Place offers humus and tabouli.

Channel 8 spoke with Lauren Pitts at the Nutrition Consultants of Tulsa. She said the portions of humus at Pita Place only add up to about 210 calories.

She said turkey legs are one of the worst offenders calorically. They are usually between 1100 and 1200 calories. She said corn dogs are about 500 calories, and fries are generally about 10 calories each.

Vendors we spoke with said the healthy options tend to be less popular. They also said healthy options are more popular among fair workers than visitors.

Channel 8 caught up with a man in town for the stock show. He travels to fairs very often. He opted for the chicken caesar wrap for lunch.

"When we're on the road so much like we are, we're from Western Oklahoma. I mean, we're not used to all the fried food, and it's a little rough," he said.