Are There Less Tornadoes This Year?

{} {} {}The number of tornadoes across the country is down from last year. By this time last year there were 912 tornadoes. So far this year, there has been 625. In fact in Alabama which was ravaged by tornadoes last year, there wasn't a single twister in April this year.

{} {} {}How about Oklahoma? We average 55 tornadoes per year. So far this year we've had 43. Let's break it down month by month. Last year, we set a record for the most tornadoes in April in Oklahoma with 50 twisters. This April we had 36. In May we average 22 tornadoes. So far this May we've had only 2 (see my blog about April becoming the new May for tornadoes). {}

{} {} {}So what's going on to cause the number of tornadoes to be down? During this time of year the number of tornadoes usually goes up. That's because there's usually lots of warm moist air and a strong jet stream over the area. But lately the jet stream and weather systems have been weak. The pattern so far this May has been a lot more like the pattern we normally see in June. During the summer the jet stream is usually weak.{}

{} {} Despite the quiet weather, you should not let your guard down. There is still plenty of time for tornadoes to occur. My spring forecast called for 56 tornadoes which is slightly less than our yearly average and much less than last year. That's true so far!


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