Are You Suffering From Charity Fatigue?

It's that time of year when you are starting to see many charities trying to get your attention for some support. Local charities say it's hard to keep asking for support when you are already stretched.

"It's a difficult time when we are struggling in society as much as we are and so many people are out of work and yet if someone doesn't ask for the people that otherwise won't have the ability. Then we have no way of meeting their needs," says Rev. Steve Whitaker, John 3:16 Mission.
There are several organization that have been asking for your support and experts say you shouldn't feel guilty if you can't help.
"Don't feel like you have to give right now because it is a financially stressful season as it is. The reality is charities don't just take money on Christmas morning or whatever holiday it is you celebrate. They take money all year long," says COO, Better Business Bureau, Rick Brinkley.
Brinkley also says you need to do your homework and make sure you know who you are giving too because this is the perfect time for scam artists to make copy cat charities. John 3:16 is short half the meals they need for next weeks Thanksgiving baskets and they know it's hard when everyone is asking.
"There is some compassion fatigue in our community because there are a lot of people that are asking for help here and abroad in other places. We have our own problems in our own community. So it's hard to compete with all the voices right now," says Whitaker.
Experts say look into giving locally because you know where the money is going and can see the difference it is making. For John 3:16, Whitaker says his staff works hard to make sure all the people they help really need the support. So your money or food is never wasted.
"We will make sure there is a real need. We have done our numbers about our community. Many of the people we have seen at John 3:16 before, we already know them and have a relationship," says Whitaker.