Area Botanical Garden Still In-The-Making

Planners for what was formerly "Oklahoma Centennial Botanical Garden," are re-branding the space and pushing forward with the project.

The space is now "Tulsa Botanic Garden".

President and CEO of the gardens Dr. Todd Lasseigne said there were several reasons for the change. He said one reason was that the old moniker was a mouthful.

"You know, centennial was a few years ago. We needed to identify with our city. Tulsa's got so many wonderful things happening. We're in Tulsa. So, we're Tulsa Botanic Garden now. It's the right name," Lasseigne said.

The new logo is an orange-tinted flower, inspired by Persimmon trees, according to staff. There are Persimmon trees on the property.

Talks of the project began in 1999. Since then, planners received 170 acres of donated land and have accumulated more than $8 million through private donations and federal funds.

The gardens opened to the public in 2009. It is now open Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. between April and October.

The area has a scenic lake and staff members are planting about 1,500 plants this year.

However, the project is far from completed. Of the 170 acres, about 60-70 will have themed gardens. To those who question the timeline of the project, Lasseigne said botanic gardens can often require 20-some years to plan and build.

Tulsa Botanic Garden is continuing to raise funds for its three-year-plan to install three themed gardens. They plan to build the Aquatic Garden, Ornamental Gardens, and the Children's Garden. The rest of the project is part of a 25-year-plan.

Channel 8 spoke with area residents about the project. None expressed disappointment with the length of the process.

"I think it'd be a great idea. Tulsa's a classy city and that would just add to it," said resident Terry Vitt.

Lasseigne presented the latest on the project to the Tulsa Press Club Thursday. For more information, you may call (918) 289-0330 or visit