Gun Stores See Increase in Business After Election

RJ's Gun Sales has seen a surge in gun customers after President Barack Obama won the election Tuesday.

"I think they're really afraid. They don't know what this administration's going to do as far as the gun laws and everything," said RJ's Gun Sales owner, Scott Murry.

He said his gun vendor sold about $4.5 million- worth of AR-15s the day after the election.

National stocks for gun makers have risen steadily since Tuesday, as well.

OSU politics professor Laura Belmonte said many are clinging tightly to their guns after this election, because they expected Obama to be a one-term president and are uncertain what he will do with gun laws in his second term.

Belmonte said the president mentioned banning assault weapons during the second presidential debate, but has otherwise been a supporter of the second amendment.

"The only piece of gun-related legislation that President Obama has signed actually expanded gun rights," said Belmonte. "It allows people to bring guns into national parks and on Amtrak trains."

She said the United Nations decided Wednesday to resume talks to possibly restrict international weapons sales. She said this sudden decision might also increase people's nervousness regarding Obama's recent re-election. (See Web Exclusive Video.)

"It really has people who are inclined to see President Obama as a threat terrified," said Belmonte.

However, Belmonte and Murry agreed that they do not think people need to rush to gun stores.