Area Lakes Gear Up for Holiday Weekend Rush

Keystone Lake was quiet on Friday afternoon, but in 24 hours, that was expected to change.

All around the lakes, preparations were underway for the kick-off to the summer season. Marinas and restaurants, like Pier 51, were gearing up for the rush of visitors that Memorial Day weekend brings, every year.

"It gets pretty crazy. A lot of people," manager, Shane Pratt said, laughing. "Whole lot of people. That whole parking lot up there will be packed tonight -- guaranteed."

A packed house is what Pratt was hoping -- and preparing -- for.

"If the weather stays nice like this, we'll be busy today, all day Saturday, all day Sunday, and Monday," Pratt added.

Weather was at the front of everyone's mind, with fingers crossed that Mother Nature would keep outdoor activities dry.

"Hopefully, we won't get no rain. I can't believe you said that. Don't jinx us -- we need the sun. We've had enough rain," said visitors, Rick and Connie Patterson, when asked about plans, if rain moves in.

The Pattersons are no strangers to Keystone Lake. They are the kind of loyal customers that Pratt and everyone at Pier 51 want to see on these holiday weekends.

"Every memorial day weekend, we come here. We're here, Labor Day weekend, all through the summer, 4th of July," they said.

That loyalty is what Pratt said he is banking on, bringing on extra hands to help with the rush.

"I mean, it's just crazy-busy. Going to have a lot of -- lot of staff," Pratt said, laughing.

Visitors that Tulsa's Channel 8 spoke with said, rain or shine, their weekend plans will go on, as scheduled.