Area School Districts Make Adjustments for Snow Days

With this season's ongoing winter weather, many districts are out of available snow days-- and are making changes that affect school calendars.

Monday was Jenks Public Schools' sixth snow day. The school year had planned room for five. Previously, the district had already added 30 minutes to school days for about a month to make up for snow days and a planned education rally in March.

The school board will need to discuss what to do about Monday's snow day, along with any others in the future if necessary. It is possible the school calendar could be extended. In the past, the district has hoped to avoid school days in June if possible.

"Unfortunately, we can't control the weather, and we would like to be in school just as much as the parents would like us to be in school," said Jenks Public Schools Chief Information Officer. She said the snow day decisions are a matter of safety.

"As far as vacationing and planning like that, it's a little inconvenient, but we've already extended the school hours to four o'clock to make up for the past snow days. So, hopefully this'll be the last one," said Jenks parent Jillian Thurber.

Tulsa Public Schools is also facing diminishing available snow days.

TPS students will now attend class March 14th, even though the schedule originally planned no classes for that day. TPS Spokesperson Chris Payne said there have been seven snow days and one planned day for an education rally in March. If additional snow days are needed, he said the school board will decide what is appropriate.

Owasso Public Schools told Channel 8 it will add an extra 30 minutes to school days after spring break for about 12 days to make up for snow days.