Arkansas Man Tries To Use Vehicle To End Bar Fight

Two men were injured after an Arkansas man attempted to run them over following an argument in the bar, Saturday night.

37-year-old Timothy Beal of Little Rock was arrested on two felony complaints of assault with a deadly weapon after attempting to run over two men he had argued with inside the Town Pump bar.

According to Tulsa police, the bartender of the Town Pump near 3300 S. Memorial asked Beal to leave after an argument took place with other men.

Witnesses told Sgt. Darren Bristow at the scene that Beal returned a second time and waited in his car for the other patrons to leave the bar. Bristow said that when they exited the bar, Beal started his vehicle and drove straight towards them. The second victim was clipped by the side of the vehicle.

According to Beal's booking report, Beal did not attempt to stop or avoid hitting either victim.

"I accelerated toward them, I should have ran his head over with my tire," Beal said to the arresting officers according to the report.

When TPD arrived, one of the victims was underneath the vehicle.

"He's real lucky, probably had the railing of that bar not held that car up the way its resting right now, that car could have very well landed on top of him," Bristow said.

All three men were transported to area hospitals for non-life threatening injuries.

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