Arkansas River Rising, Rescue Teams Get Some Practice

The Arkansas River has been on the dry side for quite some time.

However, due to recent rainfall, the river is starting to look the way it should and Tulsans are enjoying both the water and the fair weather.

According to Ross Adkins with the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, they have not released a lot of water out of the dam, but owe the increase to the sky.

"Mother Nature had something to do with it," Adkins said. "We're releasing very little out of the dam itself."

One Tulsan found himself trapped on a sandbar after water levels rose while he was enjoying fishing in the revitalized river.

"Well, we basically had a fisherman enjoying the nice day--got out there, the water rose before he was aware of it," District Chief of the Tulsa Fire Department Dale Cooley said. "[The water] got him stranded out there on one of the bars."

Rather than attempt to swim across to land, the fisherman called for help, which Cooley said was a smart idea.

"We went out and brought him back in one of our inflatable boats, got him back here safely," Cooley said. "To his credit, he didn't try to maneuver water that was out of his control there. Could have been a lot worse."

According to Cooley, the victim was in no immediate danger, but people should pay attention to rising water levels.

Although the river is far from overflowing, Adkins said the river is in the hands of nature.

"Basically, the answer is Mother Nature just has to rain on us more often," Adkins said.