Truck Stolen From Expo Square, Suspect Crashes in Neighborhood

A man is recovering in the hospital from dog bites Friday morning, following an alleged burglary at Expo Square.

Around 2 a.m., Expo Square staff said a worker spotted the marked truck driving on the fairgrounds. He contacted a security guard who noticed the driver was not an employee. When the guard tried to stop the driver, the suspect took off.

Police said the security guard followed the truck into a nearby neighborhood. The driver pointed a gun back at the guard during the pursuit. Police also got involved in the chase with K-9 officers, helicopter, and other police units. Soon after, the man got a flat tire. He ran between two houses near 22nd Place and Oswego.

"We got our K-9 officer here, and K-9 tracked to him and found him the backyard," said Cpl. Bruce Burton.

The man suffered dog bites, and crews took him to the hospital for treatment. Police identified him as Jeffrey Hudson, 24.

Police expect he will likely face charges of burglary, possession of a stolen vehicle, and pointing a deadly weapon.

Expo Square staff said the man broke into the warehouse maintenance supervisor's office to secure the keys, food, and about $5,000 worth of tools.

"They've been in my desk, through my desk, you know, and things that I work with everyday, you know, and I don't like that," said supervisor Frank Newman.

Later Friday morning, police returned to the home the man ran to. Homeowner Jerry Sewell called them, because he found a tool that he said does not belong to him. He said he heard the man shout and saw police flashlights in his backyard overnight.