Armored Truck Crashes into Creek

Minor injuries were reported after a Loomis armored truck ended up upside down in a creek near Admiral and Lynn Lane around 8:30 a.m.

The driver of the armored truck allegedly did not see a stop sign because of the sun and then crashed into a pickup truck. Drivers in the pickup truck also received minor injuries.

After colliding with the pickup, the armored truck continued eastbound and then flipped upside down into a creek bed.

According to sergeant Robert Rohloff with TPD, the driver and two other guards in the armored truck received minor injuries and one was transported to the hospital.

Authorities on scene were concerned with money in the vehicle and possible damage to it.

Rohloff said several wrecks have been reported in the Admiral and Lynn Lane are recently due to drivers being being blinded by the sun.

The road will be closed off while crews try to extract the truck from the creek.