Army Worm Invasion Devastating Tulsa Lawns

Oklahoma's mild summer could cost homeowners thousands of dollars.

Army worms are destroying lawns.

The rain and lush growing conditions make the situation perfect for an invasion.

The last major outbreak happened 14 years ago.

The worm is the larva of a small gray moth that migrates from Mexico and Texas.

They lay thousands of eggs in your grass.

When the worms hatch and then grow, they can devastate your yard quickly.

Brad Johnson with Lawn America says, "The problem is they can go from about this big to about an inch and a half in about five or six days. That's when they can destroy a lawn, almost overnight. They do most of their feeding at night. So in the heat of the day like this, you're not going to find a lot. But in the morning, that's when you'll see those and diagnose those as army worms."

Johnson adds, the key to treating army worms is using an insecticide, either Sevin or Permethrin.

It could take several applications between now and winter.

Also, the worms love Bermuda grass and fescue.

But if you have a zoysia grass, you're in luck. The worms typically won't touch it.

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